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About SecondPro


Secondpro: reliable second-hand supplier for you

Secondpro team of specialists is greeting you at our official site. Our company provides second hand goods in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Having a great experience of such activity, we offer the most favorable terms to all customers. The company sets itself global goals, being not just a seller, but a constant and reliable partner for retail outlets in different countries and cities.

Our history

We started our activity in 2013, having previously studied the demand and needs of the market. Then we signed contracts with the leading collectors and sorting factories in Europe. Soon after Secondpro started delivering second-hand goods to the countries of the former USSR. We are gradually increasing the range of assortment and expanding the list of customers. Our clients today are second hand shop owners, small wholesale organizations, as well as online second hand stores.

Our capabilities

Great experience of service in the supply sector, along with the high skills of our specialists allows us to offer the best conditions for every customer. Here is the list of Secondpro main competitive advantages:

  • Various and regularly updated assortment with 250+ positions in our price-list;
  • Sale of the best second hand characterized by high liquidity;
  • Low prices in comparison with the average market indicators and flexible system of discounts;
  • Unlimited volumes of wholesale supplies with the ability to order thousands of kilograms;
  • Full document circulation, including sanitary certificates, consignment notes and tax invoices;
  • Turnkey service with the provision of promotional materials and commercial equipment.

These advantages are complemented by professional consulting on all issues related to the selection and sale of second hand. The staff of the company is a little more than twenty employees. However, our qualification allows serving and advising hundreds of customers satisfying all their needs.

Our goal is the interests of the customers. Therefore Secondpro is not just a wholesaler, but a reliable and profitable partner for you!

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